Tuesday, March 24, 2020

The Silos

The very first episode of "Fixer Upper" I watched is when Jo, casts her vision for the silos they had yet to purchase, it is season three, I think.  So, finally getting to see it was fun. 

We spent about an hour walking through the stores, standing in line at the Baking Company and sitting in the gathering area to watch people - most of the women were much more animated than their male companions. Just saying. I am excited for Waco, the area around The Silos is becoming a hive of activity.  There are lots of shops in the Spice Village nearby and yummy restaurants within walking. It will be exciting to see the area in two years when we next get to Waco. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2020


When you think of a sanitation worker - quick what comes to mind. Not this, I bet!  I had to take a picture of the beautiful hand and manicured nails, color no less!! We were at a stoplight this sight grabbed my attention. Why can't a girl be a sanitation worker? I love it when my preconceived notions slap me!


 I thought each of these signs tells a story and needs no further explanation. 
as I often say, and I do, "I answer to ANYTHING close."

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Wild Burro!

Early prospectors relied heavily on burros as they trekked long distances across the deserts in search of gold and silver. Many of these burros survived, even though their owners perished under the harsh desert conditions. Many more burros escaped or were released during the settlement of the West. Because of their hardiness, Wild burros have thrived throughout the North American deserts, and their numbers have increased to perhaps 20,000.

Wild Burros like the natural path that is Highway 95 around Lake Havasu, Arizona.  It was quite unexpected as we rounded the curve to have these two burros walking down the road. The Bureau of Land Management and the National Park system manages the burro population. Click the link to learn more about these awesome little guys.  

Wow, that crack in the windshield has gotten much worse. 

There is a legend connected to the burro:

Donkey's Cross - tells us that the donkey that carried Jesus into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday followed Him to Calvary. Appalled by the sight of Jesus on the cross, the donkey turned away but could not leave. It is said that the shadow of the cross fell upon the shoulders and back of the donkey.

Friday, November 15, 2019

Quilting? Me? Not!

In  November 2018 we sang in Vancouver, Washington at St. Johns.  It was Quilt Sunday and these photos do not come close to capturing the warmth and beauty.  At one point in the service, everyone touched the quilt nearest them and prayed that it would bring warmth and joy to whoever would receive it.  Some quilts went to Lutheran World Relief, some to homeless shelters, and some to other smaller missions of the church.  
I have friends who are quilters and I find their gifts inspiring!  It is with a joyful heart they have shared quilts with me, and as the recipient of such a gift, I know a little of the joy a quilt can bring.
Lord Bless the hands who labored over these wonderful scraps of fabric to bring about such beauty and blessing to others.  

We have visited many churches with an active group of women who intentionally use their gifts to bring joy to others. Thank you from those of us who can't or do not quilt.

Monday, November 11, 2019

Only in Wisconsin

I am not going to lie, it was really fun.  Following the outdoor service at church, there was a potluck and Bloody Mary bar!  So, here I am saluting my hubby as he laughs at me and sings.  I think Thrivent has nailed the "live generously," slogan at this event. 
Yes, you could also have a beer with condiments. Not everyone feels comfortable with any kind of alcohol at church, save for communion. I find that I did not have a problem and I LOVED sharing the experience with others just to gauge their reaction. :) Ahhh Lutherans.
Well done ladies.

The condiment table for dressing your bloody mary.  

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Roswell, New Mexico

We camped at Bottomless Lake State Park, just outside of Roswell, New Mexico, for a week. The bridge making the trip to town about 6 miles had washed out in heavy rains the week before; the trip to town was 36 miles, needless to say, we stocked up and did not make the trip as often as we would have liked.  

This little alien showed up at the lakeshore, I am counting it - alien.

All over town the signage when gracefully possible (or not) had an alien motif. Please note the lamp post. :)

Driving around the park we spotted an alien, but upon closer inspection, it was a dead bug on the windshield. :(